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Cameroun-Douala-bekoko, rue Douala limbe
Tél. +237 699090909


Avenue muzu n17 limete kinshasa RDC
Tél. +243994620707


Abomey calavi  akassato gbetagbo rep benin
Tél. +229 65669701


Soticam, Sotibe and Sotico are part of our agribusiness group respectively established in Cameroon, Benin and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our brands are available in almost fifteen markets in Africa.

Our target is to develop quality products complying with international standards, uncompromising respect of hygienic rules and a permanent goal: offering tasteful products.

Sotigroup is also distinguished by the diversity of its offer: a range of dairy products, fruit juices and tomato paste under different flavors and innovative packaging.


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