Group presentation

Sotigroup: 3 companies

SOTIGROUP is a group involved in the agri-food sector,with 3 companies:

Soticam established in Cameroon since 2002, with 1000 employees

Sotico established in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2010 with 500 employees

Sotibe established in Benin since 2014 with 500 employees.

Through its network, SOTIGROUP covers fifteen countries in Central and West Africa.

Our activities :

SOTIGROUP has been involved in the processing of dairy products (DOLAIT).

Later on, we have developed the range and introduced into the market products such as: fruit juices (Extra Fresco,Tam Tam), refreshing drinks (Extra Frutti, Froto), energy drinks (Extra Power), tomato paste (Mamy).

Set up :


Laboratory, production, quality divisions…


Purchases (local and overseas), logistics, accounts…


Sales team, truck drivers, marketing and promotional team, art director…

Maintenance and repairing

Cold-storage manager, delivery fleet and logistics manager …

Quality, our priority

Our goal is to provide our consumers with healthy products.

To reach this target, SOTIGROUP has a quality control laboratory (and a quality department).

The quality control laboratory follows up the incoming raw materials, the production process, as well as the final products in accordance with the internal criterias.

They also make sure about the expiry date in collecting samples from the laboratory.

The quality department role is to check that the products and / or services manufactured and / or developed do meet the standards set by the company, or meet the regular mandatory standards.

This department should make sure that the sold products do satisfy the consumers expectancies.